Fanfare and Fireworks | Set of Classic Buttoned Swivel Rocker Chairs

Set of Classic Buttoned Swivel Rocker Chairs

Never one for fanfare and fireworks, you much prefer a quiet night in versus a night out on the town. You feel like the luckiest gal in the world to have found a guy as reclusive as you. 

This set of classic buttoned swivel rocker chairs features a light brown chenille fabric.

33 in tall x 34 in wide x 30 in deep


Versatile Partner | Pair of High Back Bamboo Chairs

Pair of Highback Chairs

One day you hope to find a partner to has the same versatility as you; someone who likes to party all night some nights, as well as someone you enjoys curling up with a good book on other nights. 

Each of these high back bamboo chairs swivels and rocks and features a leather trim. Original cushions included. 

34 in wide x 38 in deep x 40 in tall 

$225 each

Sitting Most Certainly

Sitting Most Certainly

Whoever said "there are only two things certain in life; death and taxes" obviously never had a 6am spin class followed by a long day full of "walking meetings."  There’s at least one more thing you can be certain about, that you’re going to need a large glass of wine after this day commences.

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Surviving Motherhood | Vintage 1970s Cane and Bamboo Rocking Chair

vintage 1970s rocking chair

When you asked your mom what helped her with transitioning to motherhood she emphatically replied "my rocking chair, I wouldn't have survived without it." 

Rock your new baby to sleep in this vintage 1970s cane and bamboo rocking chair.

 22 in wide x 35 in deep x 43 in tall


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SOLD | Unexpected Expectancy| Vintage Rattan Rocking Chair

Buying your pregnant friend infant clothes for her baby shower is like buying her Christmas lights for Christmas; they will only bring her joy a few months out of the year. At least with Christmas lights, she will get to use them again next year. Instead, get her something that she can use for many years to come like this thoughtful rocker. This vintage rattan rocking chair would make a great present for expecting parents.

22 in wide x 34 in deep x 42 in tall


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