Little Lord Flaunt-leroy | Classic Brass Coffee Table

Class Brass Coffee Table

Elegance should always be boldly subtle, loudly understated, humbly confident, and jarringly smooth. If you have to flaunt your elegance, you're probably doing it wrong.

This classic coffee table is made of brass and features a beautiful hoof foot detailing.

52 in long x 26 in wide x 15 in tall


Lounging With Longevity | Classic Love Seat by Room & Board

Classic Love Seat by Room&Board

If you manage to keep furry animals, small children, and clumsy house guests away from your sofa, it will likely last you a lifetime. Because of a sofa's longevity, it's best to choose a classic shape in a neutral color. 

This classic love seat by Room & Board features a low back and arms. Cozy size would be perfect for a studio or small apartment.

68 in wide x 36 in deep x 30 in tall


Fanfare and Fireworks | Set of Classic Buttoned Swivel Rocker Chairs

Set of Classic Buttoned Swivel Rocker Chairs

Never one for fanfare and fireworks, you much prefer a quiet night in versus a night out on the town. You feel like the luckiest gal in the world to have found a guy as reclusive as you. 

This set of classic buttoned swivel rocker chairs features a light brown chenille fabric.

33 in tall x 34 in wide x 30 in deep


Pick Pink | Classic Velvet Wing Back Chair

Classic Velvet Wing Back Chair

The new wave of feminism means you can be the CEO AND decorate your office from floor to ceiling in whatever damn color you please, even if it's pink. 

This classic velvet wing back chair is a beautiful deep rose color and features a fully buttoned upholstery. 

41 in tall x 27 in wide x 27 in deep 


SOLD | Lap of Luxury | 1960s Brown and Cream Velvet Greek Key Sofa

Who doesn't want to sit in the lap of luxury? This 1960s Greek Key sofa is upholstered in a luxe brown and cream velvet. The classic square back and square arm has a timeless energy.

93 in long x 36 in deep x 27 in tall


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Get An "A" in Geometry

Cat Lady Status

After watching a marathon of Hoarders, you suddenly feel inspired to revamp your cluttered decor. Not that your thrift shopping has reached "Cat Lady" status, you do feel it is time for clean lines and zero clutter.

Geometric shapes are a great way to achieve a minimalistic feel in an artistic way. Not only are geometric shapes contemporary but they are also easy on the eye.

This  leather coffee table was hand crafted in India and has art deco influences.

48 1/2 in long x 29 in deep x 18 3/4 in tall


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