Sturdy Days | Mid-century Iron Dining Table by Arthur Umanoff

Mid-century Iron Dining Table by Arthur Umanoff

If you’re currently raising a few bulls in a china shop, investing in a sturdy piece of iron furniture isn’t such a bad idea.

This original, mid-century iron dining table by Arthur Umanoff comes with 1/2 in thick smoked glass top. 

49 1/2 in round x 29 1/2 in tall


Two Blessed | Pair of French-style Night Stands

Pair of French-style Night Stands

The only thing better than having one adorably charming night stand by your side, is being sandwiched in between two. Too blessed to be stressed.

This pair of French-style night stands was handcrafted and features a shelf and drawer space. Their compact size makes them practical for tiny spaces. 

22 in wide x 26 in tall x 15 in deep


Time for Take Off  | Vintage Asian Table with Inlayed Medallions

Vintage Asian Table with Inlayed Medallions

Just because your pre-sleep routine resembles a moon landing preparation, doesn’t mean you need to display your snore strips, eye mask, and ear plugs for all the world to see. Keep those things tucked neatly inside your unassuming drawer.  

This vintage Asian table features inlayed medallions on the top of table and on the front of the large drawer. Table still has its original brass hardware. 

18 in wide x 18 in deep x 18 in tall


Secret Recipe | Pair of Vintage Asian Style Night Stands

Pair of Vintage Asian Style Night Stands

If you like furniture with character than you’ll certainly love this pair. They look like they contain the secret recipes of all of your ancient ancestors combined.

This pair of vintage night stands features a Asian-style motif as well as cabinet and drawer space.

25 in wide x 12 in deep x 21 in tall


Alternative Coffee Table Names | Classic Style Italian Coffee Table

Classic Style Italian Coffee Table

Does anyone actually set their coffee mug on their coffee table? Here are a few others I suggest instead: My Dogs Are Barking AKA My Feet Are Hurting Table, Scented Candles That My Wife Won’t Allow Me to Light Table,  or Piles of Random Things I Don’t Want to Lose Table.

This classic style Italian coffee table features a brass finish and beveled glass.

38 in wide x 38 in deep x 17 1/2 tall


Up On Top | Custom Made Pedestal Dining Table

Custom Made Pedestal Dining Table

Putting anyone in your life on a pedestal is a surefire way of being disappointed when they don't live up to your lofty expectations. Putting a vase of vibrant sunflowers on your pedestal table however, will do no harm whatsoever. 

This custom made pedestal dining table comes with two 12-inch extensions and features a high gloss finish and unique tassel-design base. 

47 in round x 29 1/2 in tall 


Seemingly Scholarly | Classic Chippendale Dining Table

Classic Chippendale Dining Table

If inanimate objects could receive PhDs, this table would be at the top of his class. Just imagine how much more scholarly and sophisticated your dining room would seem with this classy gent nestled there. 

This classic Chippendale dining table was handcrafted in North Carolina and includes two 18 inch extensions. 

44 in round x 29 in tall


Shady Dealings | Vintage Drop Leaf Teak Patio Table

Vintage Drop Leaf Teak Patio Table

Vitamin D is great and all but sometimes you need to seek shelter from the sunny days of summer. Lucky for you this stylish table features an umbrella hole for all your shady dealings. 

This vintage drop-leaf teak patio table features an umbrella hole. When fully extended the table is 56 in wide x 30 in deep x 30 in tall 


Squared Up | 1950s French Provincial Tables

1950s French Provincial Tables

If something doesn't make sense yet, just keep digging. There will always be clarity and understanding when patience and time precede it. 

Each of these 1950s French provincial tables features an inlayed top.

17 in round x 27 in tall


Stop, Drop, and Roll | 1930s Drop Top Table

1930s Drop Top Table

Want to make more space in your studio apartment when guests visit? Easy! Drop the top of your dining table which also happens to double as your desk, vanity and entertainment center. 

This 1930s drop top table would know exactly what to do in a fire; stop, drop, and roll.

22 in round x 30 in tall


Attitude of Gratitude | Classic Brass Console Table

Classic Brass Console Table

There's no doubt your taste has refined since you were in college, yet your attitude of gratitude remains the same. You used to be grateful if your roommate remembered to take out the trash. Now you are grateful for having a snazzy foyer to drop your keys (and a housekeeper who takes out the trash.) 

This classic brass console table features a glass top.

54 in wide x 16 in deep x 28 in tall


Costing Safely | Spun Fiberglass Mid-century Coffee Table 

Spun Fiberglass Coffee Table

The intricate weaving of this magnificent table reminds me of a dreamcatcher who rebelled against the other dreamers and spun off the loom in his own direction. "But I don't want to catch dreams Mom! I want to catch glasses of water, plates of spaghetti, and remote controls." "Whatever makes you happy honey, but please stay safe, and remember...always use a coaster."

This mid-century coffee table in spun fiberglass has been attributed to Russell Woodard. LIke this table? Then you'll love this matching dining set. 

30 in wide x 46 in long


Dig In | Classic Contemporary Pedestal Dining Table

Classic Contemporary Pedestal Dining Table

A rounded table ensures that all your dinner guests feel included in the conversation regardless of their social adeptness. Bonus, everyone has the same access to the main course. Dig in!

This classic and contemporary pedestal dining table features a 20-inch extension.

30 in tall x 46 in 


Maritime Aficionado | Round Mid-century Coffee Table

Mid-century Coffee Table Metal Wood

There is something nautical (and therefore majestic) about this prestigious coffee table. It reminds me of a ship's helm (also known as a steering wheel for those who aren't maritime aficionados.) Aye! C’mere, me beauty.

This mid-century coffee table blends both metal and wood beautifully.

40 in round x 15 in tall


Functional Deco | Vintage Square Brass Coffee Table

Vintage Brass Coffee Table

Art deco is glamorous and elegant, sure, but also practical and functional. This coffee table would pair well with botanical wallpaper, a pair of boxy club chairs, and a potent highball. 

This vintage brass coffee table features rounded corners and a beveled glass top.

40 in x 40 in x 17 in