SOLD | Be Kind, Rewind | 1980s ‘Floating’ Leather Love Seat

1980s ‘Floating’ Leather Love Seat

Sure there are lots of things about the 80s you'd rather not relive; having to rewind your VHS tapes before returning them to the video store and washing the Aquanet out of your hair after the weekend. Luckily Casa Victoria only represents the very best from this otherwise awkward decade.

This 1980s style leather love seat was handcrafted in Italy. Sofa features a high back and a ‘floating’ frame.

66 in wide x 40 in deep x 31 in tall 


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SOLD | The Fairest of Them All | 1960s Large Gold Sofa Mirror

Make any casita appear bigger by hanging a large mirror such as this above the sofa. Mirror, mirror, on the wall make my ceilings ten feet tall. This 1960s large gold mirror has made in Italy. The seductively curvy frame would make any room look more regal.

46 1/2 in wide x 33 in tall x 2 in deep


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Scalloped Sophistication

Ornamental Curving

This scalloped coffee table is made of brass. Made in Italy in the 1970s, this table screams sophistication.

The table is intricately crafted and even more beautiful in person.

49 1/2 in wide x 27 1/2 in deep x 16 in tall


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Italians on Table Tops

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

You used to be the rowdy one at the party dancing on table tops. The only thing on your table top these days is your mid-century Italian lamp.

The times have changed and so has your taste. Your parents couldn't be more relieved.

This working table top chandelier sits on a sturdy gilded wood base.  The iron leaves on the lamp were handcrafted in Italy and are intricately shaped. The dangling crystals come alive when the lamp is lit. Lamp holds 7 lightbulbs, 2 of which are included.

10 1/2 wide (base) x 38 in tall x 18 in wide (lamp)


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