What Do Liberace, Elvis and Birds Have in Common?

Elle Decor visited Mad Men costume-designer Janie Bryant's Los Feliz home. When asked what influences her home decor decisions Janie gives an eclectic list of inspirations including Liberace, Elvis and birds.

Janie also mentioned Casa Victoria as a place where she obtained some of the items featured. Read the article in its entirety here:

Janie Bryant Entry | Casa Victoria LA | Lighting







A "Type-A's" Dream Come True - 1969 Dorothee Becker Acrylic Organizer

Prioritize Then Organize

This  is an original Dorothee Becker organizer that features a variety of containers varying in  shapes and sizes; a"Type A's" dream come true. Use this black acrylic wall hanging to organize your office, kitchen, workshop, craft room, bathroom, vanity, or children's room.

Designer, Dorothee Becker, wanted to create a practical storage solution that was durable yet aesthetically appealing. There are many replicas out there, but this is an original.

34 in tall x 26 in wide x 2 3/4 in deep


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