Political Pub | Custom Made Oak Bar with Stools

Custom Made Oak Bar with Stools

What better way to ring in the election season than with a home bar? Regardless of whether you bleed red or blue, this baby will help keep your spirits high. 

This custom made oak bar with two stools features a brass trim, two cabinets with adjustable shelves, a built in bottle rack, and a large drink prep area. Bar was handcrafted in Orange County from solid oak.

58 in wide x 29 in deep x 43 in tall


Shimmer and Shine | Pair of 1980s High Gloss Ceramic Lamps

Pair of 1980s High Gloss Ceramic Lamps

You don't buy that "all that shimmers is sure to fade" phrase. Whoever came up with that tired adage obviously didn't understand the power of lipgloss, a bottle of water and a smile.

This pair of 1980s high gloss ceramic lamps feature a beautiful brass trim.

12 in wide x 20 in tall


Be Seen | Vintage Tri-level Cane Bar Cart

Vintage Tri-Level Cane Bar Cart

The older you get the less gumption you have to leave your humble abode. Just because you have no desire to "be seen" anymore, doesn't mean you don't want to socialize with your nearest and dearest. Set up a home bar to entice your friends to "come hither". 

This vintage tri-level cane bar cart features a brass trim and large casters.

37 in wide x 16 in deep x 36 in tall 


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No Neon Allowed | 70s Leather Wrapped Lamp With Brass Trim

Put down the neon beer signs and framed images of scantily clad babes. Incorporating masculine elements into your home should not entail buying a foosball table and kegarator. Instead, try sprucing up your man cave with classier elements such as this leather wrapped lamp.

This 1970s leather wrapped lamp has a brass trim. 

12 in wide x 24 in tall 


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SOLD | Visions of Sugarplums | 1980s Plum Credenza With Brass Trim by ELLO


When you were younger, you thought that being an adult meant you could stay up as last as you want and eat candy for dinner. Even though your definition of being a grown up has since evolved into collecting luxe furniture pieces like this gorgeous credenza, you occasionally still indulge in Sour Patch Kids and doughnuts for dinner. Being a grown up is awesome! This gorgeous 1980s plum credenza has a glass front and glass top as well as a luxe brass trim on the sides and base. Made of very high quality materials, this ELLO credenza has six drawers and cabinet space.

20 1/2 in deep x 29 1/2 in tall x 75 in wide


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Occasional Wheeling and Dealing

 On Occasion

Your boyfriend is out of town visiting family. Now is your chance to rearrange the living room to your heart's content. Luckily, most everything you own is on wheels, something you may or may not have done subconsciously.

Just wheel this occasional table around until all the pieces fit together like a jigsaw. He probably won't even notice when he returns home.

The table has a brass trim, brass wheels, is made of wood and has a glass top.  The bottom glass shelf is great for holding magazines or coffee table books. Would even make a great nightstand.

25 1/2 wide x 17 1/2 deep x 23 1/2 tall


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