How Many Macaroni Necklaces Must One Mother Endure?

The Answer is None

This year you have made each of your children vow that they won't step near a glue gun on your behalf. Instead, you are going to leave the rugrats with their grandma and treat yourself to french toast and bottomless mimosas.

Once you're filled up with enough bubbles and carbohydrates to power a small tugboat, you can mosey over to Casa Victoria and pick out something you really want. After all, this is your day.


White Tuxedo Couch


This glorious tuxedo couch was made by Glabman Furniture company.

Though it is from the 1970s, the modern, compact style of this sofa would never go out of style.


Porcelain Pheasant Sculptures


This pair of large, hand painted pheasants would look lovely roosting on a special-occasion dining table.

Though pheasants are typically thought of as holiday fare, this pair would brighten up a dull room all year round.


Pair of French Provincial Nightstands


You have always dreamed of opening your own B&B in the countryside. Until then, decorate like you live in one.

This quaint pair of French Provincial night stands would complement a shabby chic decor perfectly.


Winged Mirror


This large vintage mirror would look great above a comfy couch or in a foyer above a sofa table.

Almost four feet wide, this mirror has a unique, hand crafted feather pattern.


White Midcentury Pottery Lamps


This pair of large midcentury lamps sit on a brass base.

The simplicity of the lamps would offset an accent wall or colorful pillows in your sitting area.



Just because you are a mom, doesn't mean your house has to look like a war zone. You can still have a stylish abode and not fork out La Cienega prices.

Casa Victoria is sure to delight whether you are a shabby chic mom or a Mid-Century enthusiast.  Make sure to stop in frequently, because our items are always changing.

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