Slipping Into | Pair of Custom Made Deep Red Velvet Sofas

Pair of Custom Made Deep Red Velvet Sofas

Your idea of slipping into something sexy may have changed over the years, but you’re not mad about it. Being cozied up on your sexy sofa in your stretchy sweatpants beats pretty much any other nighttime activity (besides sleeping.)

Each of these deep red velvet sofas was custom made and features down cushions. 

92 in long x 40 in deep x 30 in tall


Engaged to Relaxation | Classic 1970s Rattan Sofa with Scrolled Arms

Classic 1970s Rattan Sofa with Scrolled Arms

Because sometimes all you want to do is disengage from social media and read graphic novels for hours with your best cat. 

This classic 1970s rattan sofa features scrolled arms and a fully upholstered back. Comfortable design ensures hours of relaxation. Matching arm chair also available.

97 in long x 37 in deep x 28 in tall


Sheer Luck | 1970s Custom Made Sectional by Century Furniture

1970s Custom Made Sectional by Century Furniture

Finding a sofa that fits all of your non-negotiables including affordability, comfortability, and wowability is hard enough. Finding one that also fits your entire immediate famliy is just sheer luck. 

This custom-made sectional handcrafted by Century Furniture in 1978 features a European tapestry upholstery, low back, buttoned cushions and fully upholstered feet. 

136 in long x 78 in deep x 24 in tall with 36 seat depth and 18 seat height 

$1195/ four pieces

Wind Down | 1980s Modern-style Leather Sofa

1980s Modern-style Leather Sofa

Though you and your husband enjoy different wind down activites in the evening, online poker for him and romance novel reading for you, you can both agree on where you'll do said activites, snuggled up on the comfy sofa.  

This 1980s modern-style leather sofa was crafted with a full grain cowhide upholstery.

36 in deep x 82 in long x 30 in tall


Nothing Comfier Than Mohair | Custom Made Club Sofa

Custom Made Club Sofa

Buttery softness, creamy deliciousness, and melt in your hand realness. It doesn't get much comfier than mohair.

New at Casa Victoria this custom made club sofa features a caramel mohair fabric, a low back, and square arms. 

98 in long x 42 in deep x 34 in tall x 18 in seat height


White Wine Please | Classic Rattan Sofa

Classic Rattan Sofa

Bad news: red drinks and coffee can only be allowed consumed in the kitchen from here on out. Good news: white wine is not only allowed, it's encouraged!

This classic rattan sofa was handcrafted in Los Angeles and features an elegant twist design, a low back and arms, a chic white linen upholstery and four crewel work seat back cushions.

87 in wide x 28 in tall x 36 in deep x 17 seat height


Stretch It Out | 1970s Modern Sectional with Full Size Sleeper Sofa

1970s Modern Sectional with Full Size Sleeper

You can love your family and also not want to touch limbs during movie night. This couch has plenty of space for everyone to comfortably stretch out. 

This 1970s modern sectional features a full-size sleeper sofa and a bohemian flax fabric. Sofa can be configured in a number of ways depending on the layout of your space.  

108 in wide x 110 in deep x 30 in tall x seat depth of 35 in x seat height of 17 in


Lie Low | 1980s Style Leather Tuxedo Sofa

1980s Style Leather Tuxedo Sofa

Sometimes it's better to lie low and just say 'no' to yet another networking even than spread yourself too thin and risk a burnout.

This 1980s-style leather tuxedo sofa features a unique wrinkled/channeled back design. The long sofa sits low and is super comfortable. 

98 in long x 38 in deep x 30 in tall x 16 in seat height


The Queen's Court | King Kong Slate Gray Custom Made Down Sofa

Custom Made Down Sofa by King Kong
Custom Made Down Sofa by King Kong

I don't care how strong, independent and fierce she may appear, every queen needs the support of her court from time to time. Gather the girls and get to gabbing! 

New at Casa Victoria, this King Kong slate gray down sofa by Robert Michael LTD features a chenille upholstery, an extra deep depth, a low back, and a rounded front. Sofa includes four matching down throw cushions. 

89 in wide x 38 in deep x 28 in tall


Might as Wale | 1980s Classic Gray Corduroy Club Sofa

Custom Made Down Sofa by King Kong

Here's some corduroy knowledge for you (and perhaps a Scrabble tip as "wale"). A wale refers to the number of ridges per inch that a piece of corduroy has. 

New at Casa Victoria, this soft and comfortable 1980s classic club sofa features an extra thick grey corduroy fabric.

84 in long x 35 in deep x 27 in tall x 17 in seat height

Embrace Yourself | 1930s Curved Floral Sofa

1930s Curved Floral Sofa

Taking a seat doesn't always feel like a warm hug from an old friend, but when a down cushion and curved frame are involved, it's almost guaranteed. 

This classic 1930s sofa features a curved back and oversized floral print with down cushion. It’s the perfect size for a master bedroom or small living room. 

72 in long x 34 in deep x 30 in tall x 18 in seat height


Comfort Casual | Classic English-style Sofa by Century Furniture

Classic English-style Sofa by Century Furniture

Comfort is definitely not a state of mind, especially when your job requires professional attire to be worn at all times. When you get home, however, the only attire that's required is comfy casual. Cozy up and unwind, you deserve it!

This classic English-style sofa handcrafted by CENTURY Furniture in North Carolina features rolled arms, a chenille upholstery, and a full skirt.  

90 in long x 40 in deep x 32 in tall


Classic French Provincial Sofa

Classic French Provincial Sofa

Sometimes all you need is a warm mug of fruity tea and a meaningful conversation with your best friend. Though you two live on different continents you always find time to connect every few weeks.

This classic French provincial sofa features unique, hand carved pinecone details and a wood frame. 

34 in tall x 80 in wide x 30 in deep


Tune In | Classic Hollywood Regency Sofa

Classic Hollywood Regency Sofa

If you'd rather tune into the Turner Classic Movie channel than watch the latest release from Netflix, then this sofa might just be for you. Set your Bette Davis eyes on the classics and you'll never be disappointed.  

This classic Hollywood Regency sofa in soft velvet features a buttoned back, scalloped shaped arms, and a unique embroidered skirt. 

30 in tall x 90 in wide x 34 in deep


Crawl Into Bed | Classic Leather Club Sofa


It's much more fun to host movie nights at your house than have to traipse over to someone else's house. Sure you'll have clean-up duty, but you'll get to crawl straight into bed straight afterward. 

This classic leather club sofa was handcrafted by LA’s finest, The A. Rudin Company and features a full-grain, sand-colored leather with tack detailing and down cushions. 

8 feet long x 39 in deep x 33 in tall x 18 seat height


Sophisticated Comfort | Custom Made Wing Back Sofa

Custom Made Wing Back Sofa

You won't find a unique sofa like this at your nearest Ikea (or any other big box furniture store for that matter.) Sophistication and comfort aren't usually synonymous but in this case, they are. 

This custom made wing back sofa features down cushions in a linen blend fabric.

84 in long x 38 in deep x 38 in tall x 20 in seat height


Good Day | French-style Settee 

French-style Settee 

If you want to start the day off right you’ll need the following things; a strong cup of fair-trade coffee, a healthy breakfast, and a sweet settee to sit on while you lace your shoes. 

This French-style settee is really small, making it a perfect pitstop for the foot of your bed. 

47 in wide x 33 in tall x 24 in deep


SOLD | Football Season | 1980s Modern-style Sofa

1980s Modern-style Sofa

In your eyes, there are only two seasons, Football season and not-Football season. Tis the season of getting rowdy with your fellow sports fanatics

This 1980s modern-style sofa was crafted in Brazil and features a full-grain cowhide and unique baseball stitching. 

29 in tall x 68 in wide x 39 in deep 


In For The Night | Vintage Sofa by Hancock & Moore

Vintage Sofa by Hancock & Moore

Plop down on this comfy sofa and kiss your dinner plans goodnight, you’re not going anywhere.  You’ll have to flip a coin with your honey to see who has to answer the door when UberEats finally arrives. 

This vintage sofa by America’s finest furniture company, Hancock & Moore, features a soft Moroccan print chenille fabric with tack trim.

90 in long x 40 in deep x 36 in tall