Vintage Spin to Cliché Gift Giving

This holiday season give your finicky friends and family unique, environmentally friendly gifts to go along with the gifts they want most. Casa Victoria has a variety of gift giving options that add a vintage touch to traditional gifting. Casa Victoria has vintage jewelry boxes, globes, book ends, candle sticks and an endless supply of brassy objects. 

Impala BookendsThe Book Worm:

Everyone has someone in the family (maybe it is you!) that always has his nose in a book. If it were up to him he’d be stranded on a desert island somewhere surrounded by a mountain of novels, cookbooks for when he gets hungry. All he wants for Christmas this year is a gift card to the biggest bookstore conglomerate. You just don’t have it in your heart to only give him a piece of plastic that expires in 36 months.

Along with the gift card, why not give him a pair of unique bookends from Casa Victoria, like these unparalleled vintage brass impalas.

Could also be used as paperweights.



The Femme Fatale:

Mod Jewelry BoxThere she is, gazing at you from across the room. You try not to let her feminine stare take hold of you too long. You wouldn’t want your buddies to notice. They’d never say your name again unless the word “whipped” preceded it. They don’t have to know that your heart starts beating out of your chest every time she walks into a room.

She swears that she doesn’t want anything “fancy” for Christmas. She’d be happy with a home cooked meal and the new season of Mad Men on DVD. Let her know she means more to you than warm mashed potatoes. Once you buy her the tennis bracelet she ogled from the other side of the Tiffany’s window, head to Casa Victoria and buy her a jewelry box to put in.

Better yet buy her this black and white, mirror topped, 2-drawer, jewelry box. This red velvet-lined, elliptical box will make any mod or Mad Men lover swoon.



National Geographic GlobeThe Explorer:

You can’t wait to get to the family gathering at Aunt What’s Her Name’s House. Your cousin will be there and she always has an interesting tale to tell of her recent travels. Having been a Peace Corps member for the last 2 years followed by a 6 month European adventure, she is bound to have some interesting characters to recall.

The way she describes her adventures makes you feel as if you are the one getting drenched with the spray of a precocious elephant calf. If only you paid more attention in World Geography.  You can’t seem to recall where the country is that she describing. Nambibi-what? Give her a gift that will enhance her story telling. Casa Victoria has a variety of globes that would be sure to get her tales spinning.

This particular globe is an official National Geographic Globe from 1961. It sits on an orginal acrylic base.


The Host with the Most:

Swedish CandelabraHe loves the holidays because he loves an excuse to host a gathering. He has perfected the 7-layer bean dip and is contemplating adding another layer. He loves seeing friends get together, sip wine and reminisce about the thinner days but mostly he loves the energy of his house when friends are rosy and laughing. He has hosted many parties throughout your friendship.

Most people show up with a bottle of extravagant wine to give as a gift but you’d like to give him something tangible that he can use for parties in years to come. Any innate host understands the importance of good lighting. Casa Victoria has a wide array of candleholders and candelabras for the social butterfly in your inner circle.

This distinguishing candelabra has room for six candles. It is a mid-century, Swedish piece. Pair it with your host’s favorite scented candles and watch him light up with joy.


Black Rocking Horse Kids and Kids at Heart:

Unbridled energy, hearty laugh, and mischievous eyes. She is the kind of kid that could have the world wrapped around her tiny finger but she is too busy slaying dragons and decorating her castle. You know that she is a special child that spends a lot of time in her head.

She truly believes that she is the heroine of her favorite fairy tales with unabashed naiveté. You want to get her something that kindles her sense of wonderment. Few people are aware that Casa Victoria carries unique gifts for children too.

Give her something she can ride off into the sunset on, like this vintage rocking horse. While black beauty’s hair is graying, she still has plenty of years left to ride.