The Whole Package | Set of 6 Green Mohair Dining Chairs by Nancy Corzine

Set of 6 Green Mohair Dining Chairs by Nancy Corzine

Any piece of furniture stamped with the Nancy Corzine name is sure to be one of three things; glamorous, elegant, or stylish. This set happens to be all three. 

This set of six green mohair dining chairs were beautifully crafted by Nancy Corzine

24 in deep x 21 in wide x 37 in tall

$1195/set of 6 

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Pillow Perfect | Set of Six Carved Oak Dining Chairs


Ever had the misfortune of sitting through a six course meal on a chair that was as comfortable as a slab of concrete? It can make an evening feel like a nightmare. Each of these six dining chairs has a comfortable pillow seat, designed for hours of relaxed gab amongst guests. This set of six oak dining chairs have been beautifully carved and constructed. Each of these chairs has hand tacked detailing and a step design on the chair back. Set includes two arm chairs and four side chairs.

19 in wide x 24 in deep x 42 in tall

seat height: 19 in tall

$795/set of six

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