Two by Two | Pair of 1950s Faux Bamboo Club Chairs

Pair of 1950s Faux Bamboo Club Chairs

While you certainly enjoy your time alone, you are in much better spirits when you have a friend beside you. Good company and something to sip on are two of your favorite things.

This pair of 1950s faux bamboo club chairs would be complementary to both tea time and happy hour. 

29 in wide x 27 in deep x 33 1/2 in tall


Decorating Duo | Pair of Custom Made 1980s Swivel Club Chairs

pair of custom made 1980s swivel club chairs

Because you and your best friend do just about everything together, you've decided to finally make it official and become roommates. Before you can start planning movie nights, fort making contests, and Beyonce dance-a-thons, you'll need to do some serious decorating. 

This pair of custom made 1980s swivel club chairs are made of linen and sit on a platform base.

32 in wide x 34 in deep x 31 in tall


SOLD | She's A Keeper | Pair of 1980s Leather and Chrome Club Chairs

Pair of 1980s Leather Club Chairs

Whoever said you had to give up your bachelor pad when you got married obviously never met your future wife. Not only does she dig your minimalist digs, but she can throw back beers better than any of your boys. 

This pair of 1980s leather and chrome club chairs are super comfortable.


37 in wide x 31 in deep x 26 in tall

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SOLD | Childhood Wonder |Pair of Club Chairs With Channel Back Design

Your cynical tendencies increase exponentially the older you get. As a child, it didn't take much for you to get excited; a quarter on the ground, an ice cream sundae, or the thought of Santa slinking down the chimney. Reignite that childhood wonder by jaunting to Casa Victoria. We can't promise a cherry on top, but we can promise that your eyes will be as large as they once were on Christmas morning. Each of these club chairs has a channel back design and a brass trim base. If you like things that are compact and comfortable, you are in for a real treat; this pair is both!

27 in tall x 27 in deep x 27 in wide


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