Give Me a Quarter, Casa Victoria Will Tell You Your Fortune

Your future looks bright. Not only will you finally get that promotion you have been hoping for but your dismal love life will be making a long awaited comeback. 2013 is your year to shine my friend, just as soon as your head splitting hangover subsides.

While you were busy cracking bottles of bubbly, Casa Victoria was busy scouring interior design blogs to find the best Home Trends of 2013. We predict that you will be seeing a lot more of the following in the coming months both at Casa Victoria and in your home.

What better way to kick off the new year than with a complete home makeover?


70s Geometric Mirror


Not only do mirrors make your space appear bigger, but they will also motivate you to throw away your college duds and actually start dressing your age.

Resolutions mean nothing without self-reflection.

Pendant Light with Green Bulb


Pantone recently announced the lush color of the year, emerald. We bet you'll see a lot more of this elegant color in the upcoming year.

This 1960s pendant light has textured glass that resembles the healthy artichoke. Buying vintage is a lot more fun than eating your vegetables.

Pottery Lamp With Sand Finish


Why put off tomorrow what you can do today? Ring in the new year with an interior design overhaul.

This pottery lampwith a sand finish is just the right amount of texture for your living room.


Linen is trending because of it's versatility and durability. The lightness of the fabric would brighten up the darkest of rooms.

This beautifully tailored vintage sofa has recently been reupholstered with brand new linen. The thin arms and gently curved and sloped back make this compact sofa a perfect solution to a small space. Once you have a seat on one of these down cushions, you'll never want to park yourself anywhere else

Wood Tree Table


Natural elements have been making their way in to the interior design world because of their inviting undertones. Lacking pretentiousness, you can feel good about surrounding yourself with pieces of the great outdoors.

This custom made table was made from a twisted tree trunk. Kidney bean shaped glass top is included.


Foo Fighters - Marble Foo Dog Bookends

Dynamic Duo

Foo Dogs (or Lion Dogs in the West) are always depicted in pairs. They are common decorative figures that are believed to protect and watch over whatever structure they are placed in front of. They have traditionally protected Imperial palaces and temples. In modern times, you'll find this dynamic duo perched in front of restaurants and hotels.

This pair of sage marble Foo Dog bookends are intricately carved. Hire them to watch over your precious collection of text books you didn't have the heart to get rid of.

8 in tall x 3 in deep x 4 in wide


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