Craving Crackle | Vintage Firewood Metal Box

Vintage Firewood Metal Box

Though you love living in sunny Southern California, you can't help but long for four seasons, especially winter. There is nothing like curling up in your footie pajamas, sipping on a steaming mug of tea, and listening to the fire crackle with loved ones. 

This vintage firewood box is made from hand embossed metal and hails from England.

26 1/2 in wide x 24 in tall x 18 in deep 


Warm Apple Cider | 1920s Wrought Iron Basket for Wood

There are few things greater than sitting around a warm fire with loved ones, sipping warm apple cider, and playing board games. In case you needed an excuse to have a cozy gathering, here you go. This large 1920s wrought iron firewood basket was beautifully crafted. Though your fireplace may not see a lot of action in the summer months, you'll be longing for a roaring fire in just a few weeks.

19 in wide x 20 in deep x 24 in tall


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