SOLD - Smoking or Nonsmoking


Remember the days when you would arrive at your local diner and they asked which section you'd prefer to sit in? Smoking or Nonsmoking? The Smoking Section always had less of a wait but you'd have to brave the thick, yellow air. Not that separating the sections with a partition did much of anything to stop the fumes.

Luckily you don't have to sacrifice your health for a BLT any longer.

This 70s single globe chandelier has a smokey glass, but is 100% safe for asthma sufferers. Meant to be hardwired.

14 in tall x 10 in wide


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Domed Diner Lamp

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This hanging dome light looks like it has been pulled straight out of a diner in the 1970s. Bring the diner to you minus the sludgy coffee, greasy bacon and runny eggs.

The glass domed lamp hangs on an adjustable chain. Lower or raise the chain depending on how high your ceiling is. Includes retro globular light bulb.

Dome: 14 3/4 in wide x 10 in tall

Chain: 28 in tall


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