Historic Rhetoric | 1985 White Lacquered Sony TV Cabinet

1985 White Lacquered Sony TV Cabinet

Back in the day, people would watch the evening news on their box TV for great 'water cooler' material the next day. Now and days people get updates directly sent to their pocket computers, aka 'smart phones.' Reminisce on days gone by with this great piece of history. 

This 1985 white lacquered cabinet sits on a chrome pedestal base with wheels.

20 in deep x 45 in wide x 30 1/2 in tall


SOLD | Functional Art | Pair of California Pottery Lamps

pair of bamboo lamps

Because you've called a camper van home for the last decade, you're very particular about which home accents you'll fill your apartment with. They have to bring you joy and happiness as well as serve some other purpose than just collecting dust. 

This pair of California pottery lamps has a tropical bamboo motif. Signed by the artist Tim Hahne, 85', these lamps are the epitome of functional art.

19 in tall x 8 in wide


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SOLD | Beloved Book Collection | 1985 Book Shelf With Cabinet Space

Even though you move nearly once a year, you will never get rid of your precious book collection. Each book represents a different period in your life and to donate them to Goodwill would be like erasing your fondest memories. This grandiose book shelf was custom made in 1985 and signed by Maker. There are a numerous amount of shelves for your beloved book collection.

74in long x 13 in deep x 48 in wide


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