Hungry and Happy | 1983 Spago LA Food Festival Poster

1982 Spago LA Food Festival Poster

There are two things you make sure to do whenever you travel to a new city; try the local cuisine, and hit up a few antique/second hand stores. Who needs museums when you have food and vintage? 

This 1983 "Spago" Los Angeles Food Festival poster is making me hungry.

18 1/2 in wide x 39 1/2 in tall 


SOLD | Hey, Hey We're the Monkeys | Orangutan Painting Signed by Artist Jack White

Orangutans are apes, NOT monkeys and are also the largest tree-dwelling animal in the world. This adorable painting of an orangutan is signed by the artist Jack White and dated '83. Quit monkeying around and buy the darn thing!

1 ft wide x 16 in tall


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