Sit, Stay, Lay Down


Some days you're the dog, some days you're the hydrant. This weekend, you are the luckiest dog in all of the pack. Not only is Casa Victoria having a 20% off Seating Extravaganza, but it's the doggone weekend! The only thing that could make this weekend better is a downpour of MilkBones.Have you been searching for the perfect reading chair, sofa, bar stool, club chair, dining chair, desk chair, executive chair, garden chair to complete your habitat? Well, sniff no further.  If you can sit on it, it's on sale. Head on down to Casa Victoria this weekend and let us help you spruce up your doghouse. We guarantee you'll find at least one seat you can't resist to sit. Better mark your territory fast, these items are priced to G-O!
Gentleman's Club Chair

Gentleman's Club

You have a knack for making plans with the boys and then backing out at the last minute. It has become such a problem that everyone in your circle now refers to you as “Flake Jake.” You owe it to you best buds to have a little gathering to make up for it. Now that you have these club chairs in your home, you have no excuse. All you need now is a little Knob Creek on the rocks and Etta James on vinyl.

Each of these two low back, hand tackedblack naugahyde club chairs has a beautifully crafted base of mahogany.

WAS $695/pair NOW $556/pair

 1970s Orange Tweed Steelcase Chair on Wheels

Cubicle Prison

Being a freelance copywriter has got to be the best job on the planet. Not only do you get to take belly rubbing breaks every time your dog brushes up against you, but you don’t have to put on pants if you don’t want to. Celebrate your freedom from the cubicle prison and liven up your home office with this happy orange chair.

This 1970s orange tweed Steelcase chair is adjustable and on wheels, perfect for wheeling yourself to the mini fridge for another beer when writer’s block sets in.

WAS $195/each (2 available) NOW $156/each

Pair of French Style Wrought Iron Garden Arm Chairs

A Kiss on the Hand

A kiss on the hand may be quite continental but a pair of wrought iron garden chairs are the epitome of romantic. Diamonds sparkle and fade but these chairs will just get better with age, much like your beautiful partner.

This pair of French style garden arm chairs have been constructed from vintage wrought iron. They still have their original blue finish.

WAS $349/pair  NOW $279/pair

White Naugahyde Mid-Century Sofa

Long, Lean, and Low

You like your women like you like your sofas, long and lean.

This sexy white naugahyde mid-century sofa sits low to the ground. The long and lean stature, dowel legs, and low arms are all kinds of right.

WAS $795 NOW $636

Set of Four Cheetah Print Bar Stools

Fierce Hepcat

Because interior decorating is an extension of the self, you should only fill your space with pieces that make you feel like the fiercest hepcat on the block.

This set of four vintage cheetah print corduroybar stools are both comfortable and durable. Fully unholstered, each bar stool has a solid oak foot rest.

WAS $195/each NOW $156