Ode to the Sixties

Stop in the name of textures and bright colors. In a white room with black curtains, patterns are being flung around faster than the Beatles can crank out another hit. Build be up buttercup, the space race has got me feeling groovy. Save the whales, make love not war, and party hardy baby because you were born to be wild.

Color TV, the Beatles and the Ford Mustang weren't the only gems to come out of this sweet, sweet decade. Below you'll find 4 of our favorite 60s items currently in the store. As always, make sure you call us at 323-644-5590 to see if the items are still available. 

Crushed Velour Sofa

crushed velour sofa

You'll never understand how anyone can think minimalist is sexy. What exactly is alluring about sitting in a sterile environment on a cold hard chair? You'd much rather be slinking around on this sweet thing, nose deep in Valley of the Dolls.

Handcrafted in Los Angeles in 1967, this crushed velour sofa is still in good original condition. Its long and low design, channeled tufting and buttoned detailing are even more splendid in person.

101 in L x 36 in D x 26 in T


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Mid-Century Murano Lantern

murano lantern

You may look as tough as nails on the outside but inside you are as fragile as glass. Don't be afraid to let your sensitive side show once in a while. You've got to always keep people guessing.

Made from Murano glass, this mid-century Venetian lantern has an intricate overlay of iron metal work.

10 in T x  8 in W


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Pair of Modernist Arm Chairs

modernist arm chairs

When Erwin Lambeth Furniture Co. first started their business over one hundred years ago, they wanted to focus on two main concepts: "build to a standard, not a price." and “focus on what we can do for our customers rather than what we can sell them”.  With all the furniture choices out there,  you should never have to sacrifice quality for function. 

This pair of 1960s modernist arm chairs were hand crafted by Erwin Lambeth Furniture Co. Combined with their unique original upholstery, buttoned detailing, and elegant design, this pair of chairs will never go out of style. 

23 in W  21 D x 44 in T


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Custom Made Mid-Century Wall Unit

mid century wall unit

If there is a surface in your home or office, you can bet it's probably covered with receipts, to-do lists and USB cables. Try organizing your chaos with the help of this retro wall unit.

This custom made mid-century wall unit with cabinet space has two drawers and a lighted, drop-down work station.

16 in D x 59 in W x 70 in T


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