1 Butterscotch Leather Sofa // 4 Different Ways

butterscotch sofa

33 in tall x 88 in wide x 38 in deep, $1495, View on-site

The holidays are fast approaching. Before you start crafting those elaborate pinecone centerpieces, baking gooey pies with flaky crusts, or shopping for locally sourced casserole ingredients, you'll first want to make sure your home is cozy enough for all of those out-of-town visitors you are about to receive.

Nothing says "make yourself at home" like a sleek inviting sofa such as this one by Stickley Furniture Co. No matter your guests' personal style, they will surely agree that you've managed to out-do yourself yet again. 

Below you'll find four of our favorite ways to style this rich butterscotch leather sofa. Call us at 323-644-5590 to see if items are still available. 

Brass Bells Are Ringing


Well-Traveled, She Traveled Well

well traveled

Calm Before The Holiday Storm 


Controlled Chaos

controlled chaos