1 Teak Credenza // 4 Different Ways

In honor of Halloween, we are going to tell you a spooky tale of a witchy woman who needed to give her haunted house a makeover before the realtor would consider putting it on the market. Unfortunately, this meant getting rid of the red velvet wallpaper, cauldrons and glass jars full of specimens immediately.

Instead of hiring an experienced decorator, she decided to take a stab at doing it herself. Before she knew it, she had a house full of things that looked good on the sales floor but clashed with the rest of her furnishings. She could have sworn those lamps would have looked marvelous wrapped in cobwebs. Drats!

If you aren't "design inclined" it can sometimes be hard to envision how a piece (like the teak credenza below) will work with the rest of your decor. Instead of just buying random things that strike your fancy, take some time to "map out" a design strategy using tools like Pinterest. 

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teak credenza

This custom made vintage teak credenza has plenty of cabinet space and four additional drawers. 

20 in D x 79 W x 29 in T


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Vintage Vixen

vintage vixen

Antiquing isn't just a hobby for you, it's a way of life. When you aren't planning a route for your next estate sale extravaganza you are combing Pinterest for design inspiration. If you could shop beside anyone on the planet it'd be Emily Henderson.

Nature Lover

nature lover

When you aren't knee deep in dirt in the backyard, you are preparing nutritious, colorful meals from your garden's bounty. It's almost impossible for you to come home from the farmer's market without a new house plant or floral arrangement. 

Elite Exec

elite exec

Your ideal evening in involves listening to classical music (on low volume), sipping a glass of vintage Bordeaux, and reading the latest bestselling business book. You're okay with spending time alone, but you also thoroughly enjoy spending time with people whose success surpasses your own.  

Art Enthusiast

art enthusiast

When you aren't wandering around MOCA, you're likely sipping wine at a friend's art opening in the basement of an old warehouse. If a piece of work inspires self-reflection, regardless of whether or not the artist is known, you're likely to buy it right then and there.