For Safe Hotdog Eating, Use a Condiment

How Much Is That Doggie from the Vendor?

There is something fabulous about buying a hotdog from a street vendor and piling it up with more toppings than you can fit in your mouth. Mayo's a must, mustard is a necessity ketchup's a given, and relish is an unforgivable. Never mind that most of it will either end up on your shirt or on the concrete sidewalk below you.

Casa Victoria wants you to have your hotdog, and eat it too. New this week are items that conjure up memories of the ballpark and summer barbecues. All these items are certified vintage and 100% nitrate free! Shop without guilt.


This cedar hope chest is made by Lane and still bears its original tag from 1972. Use it to store linens, blankets, bulky winter sweaters, or memorabilia from your children’s history.

Doubles as extra seating in a pinch. “No better place to store those special memories or favorite things than a well-crafted and built-to-last Lane cedar chest.”


50s Mustard ChairMustard


This 1950′s chair may be the color of mustard but the glamour is undeniable. This chair is the whole package, beautiful from both the front and the back.

The front is tufted and the back has buttoned detailing. There is a metal handle located at the top of the chair for easy maneuvering.


RelishSet of Lime Green 70s Pottery Lamps

Spring into Summer. The weather is changing and so is your mood. As much as you’d like to be outside all day, you’re going to have to come inside sometime.

Make sure to change your decor to reflect your new found optimism. This set of green lamps will surely make you relish in delight.


Mahogany Desk ChairKetchup

This mahogany desk chair has button detailing and is a chipotle ketchup color.

Use it as a desk chair or an additional sitting. Would even be great as a dining chair along with other vintage chairs.


Watching a Dodger's game sounds fun in theory, but in actuality you can barely sit still through your child's dance recital. Do you really think you'll make it through a second inning? You must admit hotdogs, beer and nachos make the pain tolerable, but they aren't so forgiving on your waistline.

Leave your honey at the game and do some cardio shopping at Casa Victoria instead. We promise you'll find something you didn't know you couldn't live without. Make sure to stop in frequently, because our items are always changing.

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