Danish Wall Unit

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This Danish wall unit is a Denka original. The possibilities are endless with this piece. Proudly display your college textbooks on the top shelves but discreetly tuck your vintage comic books behind the cabinet doors. House your family photos on the desk but keep your precious action figures in the drawers. Your secret is safe with Denka.

Made in Denmark, this unique unit can be used for a variety of purposes including but not limited to;  a wardrobe, a media cabinet, a china cabinet, desk, or a filing cabinet. Denka of Denmark is known for making high quality office furniture that is functional yet attractive. The shelves are adjustable to accommodate a printer,  text books, DVD's, shoes, hats, purses, knickers, knickknacks, action figures, comic books,  etc.

41 1/2 wide x 75 1/2 tall x 19 1/2 deep


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