Vintage Dresser

His and Hers

You are finally making the leap. Your mom would rather you be getting married first, but she accepts the fact that this is just one step close to you giving her grandchildren. You have decided to get a place with your boyfriend of a year and a half. Before you even move int, you have already staked your claim on the minimal closet space. He can have the garage, but you need a place to hang your hat(s), and your scarves, and your vintage fur and your Betsey Johnson dresses and your...well, you get the picture.

Show him that you respect his space too. Give him something that will make you both happy like this vintage dresser. With a whopping nine drawers, this dresser will be plenty of space for his white t-shirt collection and chonies.

76 in wide x 19 in deep x 31 in tall


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