Vintage Gifts for Your Vintage Dad

vintage dad

Your dad taught you to be honest, patient, and kind. He never thought twice about helping out a family member or friend in need. His tenacity and work ethic meant working side jobs on his days off. Show your Vintage Dad what he means to you this Father's Day.

Like a piece of furniture that has been passed down from generation to generation, your father is full of interesting stories and quirks. This Father's Day, your Vintage Dad deserves more than just a card or shiny shirt. Instead, he deserves a gift with as much character as he's got.

1830s Map of Vienna by Cartographer Carl Graf Vasquez

Map Quest

Your Vintage Dad passed on his love of travel to you. You used to love when he'd pull his map collection down and let you feel the wrinkled, worn paper in your tiny hands as he'd replay the various road trips he'd been on.

You can think of no one else who'd appreciate this vintage map of Vienna circa 1830 more than your Old Man. It was hand colored and embellished by the notorious cartographer Carl Graf Vasquez.


Turn of the Century Steamer Trunk

Trunk Tales

It was your Vintage Dad that first taught you the "Grandma Packed Her Trunk" road trip game. Not only did it entertain the precocious mini-you for hours but you are convinced that it helped hone your memorizing skills today. This turn of the centuryhandmade steamer trunkis different than most steamer trunks. It has a sloped opening, a wooden drawer and a shelf as well an original raw hide trim on the exterior.


Thinking Man Bookends

My Hero

The original sculpture of Dante was commissioned by Auguste Rodin. He wanted the sculpture to represent intellect as well as poetry and he wanted him to be nude like Michelangelo’s heroic David was.

This pair of vintageThinking Man Bookendswere hand carved in Rizal, Philippines and would make the perfect gift for your heroic Vintage Dad. Instead of indulging in self-pity during tough times, he thought critically and creatively.


Green Striped Wing Chair

King's Throne

There is no better place for your Vintage Dad to decompress from a stressful day at the office than in his comfy wing chair.Calling it a throne would not do this baby justice. This chair is the place the king lounges when he is off duty.

This green striped wing chair has a mahogany base and extremely comfortable down cushions. Dad will want to stay a while once he sinks down into this cloud.


Clear Glass Lamp


Your Vintage Dad is a simple guy. He doesn't need and doesn't ask for a lot. Spending an evening at home reading the newspaper, drinking a cold beer, with Merle Haggard playing softly in the background is more satisfying to him than any night out on the town would be.

That is why this clear glass lamp is the perfect gift for your Vintage Dad. Give your Dad the gift of light for Father's Day.