Thomasville Vanity Stool

Very Vintage, Very Velvety

Luxury begins with comfort. Life is too short to put your makeup on standing up. Some people meditate in the morning, others do yoga. You happen to do your own form of relaxation in the morning. You wake up twenty minutes early when everyone else in the house is sound asleep. That is the only time of the day you have completely to yourself. You breathe the steam of your coffee in very slowly. You love the way your angled blush brush feels gliding across your eyelids and the sweet scent of your moisturizer.

This vintage vanity bench is velvet and has been detailed with brass medallions. Doubles as extra seating for guests during the holidays.

Made by Thomsaville Furniture Industries in the USA.

17 in deep x 24 in wide x 18 in tall


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