Fall In Love With Lucite

You can think of a hundred things you'd rather do on February 14th than make reservations at a trendy (aka overpriced) eatery or buy mounds of saturated fat packaged in fluorescent heart shaped boxes. Unlike the bargain bin roses at your local supermarket, Casa Victoria LA furniture and home accessories will last for generations to come.

Valentine's Day doesn't only have to be celebrated by hopeless romantics. Falling in love with lucite is a lot more fun than getting your heart trampled on again and again. Lucite will never play hard to get, sleep with your best friend, or donate all of your clothes to the local thrift store. Instead, lucite is durable, good with children, and easy to clean. Contact the store to see if these lucite items are still available.

Lucite Chairs

May I Have This Dance?

This charming set of ball room chairshave a bamboo styling but are made entirely of acrylic. Each chair is compact, durable, and comfortable. Depending on where the chairs are situated, they take on a different color in different light. Cushions are included.

Lucite Luggage Rack

Knit Picking

The possibilities are endless with this vintage piece. Use it for the obvious or get creative and use it to hold your knitting supplies when you are channeling your inner grandma. Folds away when not in use. This unique luggage rack is entirely made of lucite aside from the knitted center.

Vintage Grape Cluster Swag Lamp

Clustered Courage

This blue and green acrylic grape swag lamp is made up of three clusters. Each cluster of grape is attached to it’s own “branch” and has its own light. Lamp plugs directly into wall.

Lucite Alarm Clock by Telechron

Alarming Art Deco

This lucite and brass alarm clock  is a dream come true for any Art Deco enthusiast. It was manufactured in the 1950s in Massachusetts by a company called Telechron.

Globe With Lucite Stand

World Wide

This globe is unlike any globe you have seen before. You can remove the globe and literally hold the whole world in your hands. The lucite base keeps the globe in place when you want your world kept on display.


Wine Lovers Unite | Vintage Grapes

These blue and green acrylic grapes are intertwined on a wooden stem. Straight out of Dionysius’ drinking den, these grapes would appeal to the wine connoisseur in all of us. Even if you do not know the difference between a Cab or Merlot, these grapes will be sure to get you drunk with pleasure. A tribute to your love of all things wine and the magical fruit that started it all, these grapes would look great perched atop a kitchen counter or towering over a wine rack.

15 in long x 6 in deep x 5 in tall


Feel free to contact us by phone at  323-644-5590 or email us at casavictoriala@gmail.com.