Bring the Outdoors In | Large Botanical Print

Large Botanical Print

Don't let seasonal allergies prevent you from getting your nature fix. Though it isn't good feng shui to surround yourself with fake plants, it sure beats having dry, itchy eyes 24/7. 

This large vintage botanical print includes the custom made carved frame and hand finished mat. 

37 1/2 inx 37 1/2 in


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To The Ball We Go | 1830s Map of Vienna by Cartographer Carl Graf Vasquez

As the capital and largest city in Austria, Vienna is also home to over 200 balls yearly. A Vienna ball is an all night attraction often lasting until 5am. Dancers and opera singers perform at the bigger balls and many keep celebrating well into the next day. If that doesn't make you want to plan a trip, this very special map of Vienna sure will. This vintage map of Vienna circa 1830 was hand colored and embellished by the notorious cartographer Carl Graf Vasquez. This map of Vienna is bordered by images of 14 important historical sites found around the city. Frame is included. The Getty in Los Angeles has a similar one in their collection. THIS WILL NOT LAST!

30 1/2 in wide x 25 in tall


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Existential Crisis Serigraph

Dare to Live Your Dreams

We have all been there, that moment where we have to decide between what will make us happy and what will make "them" happy. Very rarely do these two align.

This man looks like he is on the brink of figuring out his true purpose in life. If only he could get past the self-destructive voices in his head.

This handmade serigraph is signed by the artist and includes a wooden frame that has been painted a silver gray.


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Midcentury Tree Painting


Tree-t Yourself to Something Nice

Maybe you got up at 4a on Black Friday to do some shopping for your clan. Maybe you nudged a small child with your cart to ensure that you got in line first so that you wouldn't miss the next sale. Maybe you stole a parking space from an elderly lady because you can't walk in the sandals you threw on when you woke up in a frenzy. They rub you the wrong way, literally. Luckily, you are done with holiday shopping. Well, almost. Treat yourself to something nice, something that will calm your inner tornado.

This mid-century painting of a tree is signed by the original artist Godo. The painting includes the wooden frame and is ready to be hung up somewhere special.

28 1/2 in wide x 3 ft tall


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Owl Art

Powers of Prophecy

Perch this perched owl in a newborn’s room. The retro owl is a trendy choice for decorating a baby’s room because of its gender neutrality and its unique symbolism. Owls represent wisdom and helpfulness and have powers of prophecy, much like mothers near and far.

This black and white art piece would fit in well with many color schemes. Original print from the artist Jette Clark, completed in 1971. Includes the chrome frame and gray mat board.

16 1/2in wide x 20 1/2in tall


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