SOLD | Something Silky | Velvet Sofa With Buttoned Detailing


Forget the fainting couch, what you really need is a velvet sofa with buttoned detailing in your boudoir. Just because you aren't a Hollywood Starlet doesn't mean you can't relax like one. Slip into something silky and let your pampering begin. This Hollywood Regency style velvet sofa is both comfortable and elegant. Sofa has a gorgeous cream color with contrasting piping, an embossed design on the skirt, buttoned detailing and scalloped arms.

90 in long by 34 in deep x 29 in tall


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I Heart Her | Vintage Valentine's Day

Who needs a Valentine when you have a gaggle of girlfriends that keep you giggling 24/7? Of all the Valentine's Days that have passed you by, the ones you remember most fondly are those spent with your femme fatales, the ones that have seen you at your worst and still love you anyway.

This Valentine's Day, invite your best gal pals over, crack open a bottle of champagne, and raise a toast to the successful women you have become. Though life hasn't always been peachy, you're confident you can make it through anything with your tight knit crew by your side.

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Pair of Red Slipper Chairs
Pair of Red Slipper Chairs
When is the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back? You work hard, you are the mother of two rambunctious Huskies, and you are training for a half marathon in the Spring. You are the closest thing to a modern day Superwoman that there ever was. This Valentine's Day, buy yourself a little something nice.

Each of these red velvet slipper chairs has a romantic shape with carved interlocking heart design and a buttoned back. Both chairs were handcrafted (with love) by Van Otteren in Grand Rapids.

26 in wide x 26 in deep x 33 in tall


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French Style Iron Chandelier With Quartz, Amethyst and Citrine 
French Style Iron Chandelier
You have always dreamed of hanging a chandelier above your bed. In fact, you have an entire Pinterest board filled with design inspiration for your future "Romantic Boudoir." Now that you are a free woman, you can finally start decorating your house to your heart's content.

This vintage French-style iron chandelier has been lined with hand-strung crystal beads. Chandelier is composed of two different sized rock crystals as well as amethyst and citrine "grapes." Chandelier has eight wax-style candelabra lights.

27 in tall x 19 in wide


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1970s Hand Beaded Jewelry Box
1970s Hand Beaded Jewelry Box
Sometimes the packaging is as important as the present inside. Show her how thoughtful you are this Valentine's Day by gifting her a vintage piece of jewelry in this gorgeous jewelry case.

This 1970s hand beaded copper jewelry case has a removable tray. The decorative box is as precious as the jewels you will put inside.

6 in deep x 8 in across x 4 in tall


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Family of Three Brass Giraffes
Family of Three Brass Giraffes
Not only are giraffes the tallest living animals to walk this earth, but they only have to sleep between ten and twenty minutes a day. Think of how many more cat videos you could watch on YouTube if you had the same sleeping habits as these long-necked, (albeit elegant) creatures.

All three brass giraffes are included in this set. Giraffes would make a great gender-neutral theme for a baby's room.

Tallest Giraffe: 20 in tall x 10 in wide x 3 in deep


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