SOLD | Resurrection and Purity | Iron Calla Lily Mirror Handcrafted by Chapman

Calla lilies are a native of South Africa and symbolize both resurrection and purity. This iron mirror was handcrafted by Chapman in 1980. The exaggerated metal calla lilies are both endearing and whimsical.

29 in wide x 7 in deep x 40 in tall


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Butterflies and Bonsai

Romance Me

This set of porcelain lamps depict an ancient Chinese landscape complete with butterflies, a donkey, a bonsai and royalty.

The whimsical design and mute colors are more romantic than the harsh red and black hues you traditionally see in Chinese depictions.

Each lamp is hand-painted and sits on a wooden base painted olive green.

6 in wide x 20 in tall


Feel free to contact us by phone at  323-644-5590 or email us at



Hand Carved Dreams

Ever dreamed of quitting your day job and going to live on a deserted island?

Fresh coconut juice to wash down your grilled mahi. You would never have to smell bus exhaust or your co-workers lean cuisine again. You would spend your day marveling at the sunset, watching the tide rise, and falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing.

Since that isn't going to happen any time soon (what would you tell your Shit-Zsu , Babs?) these lamps can steer you in the right direction, if not in reality than mentally.

This set of 1960s hand carved wooden lamps depicts a tropical landscape complete with palm trees, coconuts and tiki huts.

20 in tall x 7 in round base


Feel free to contact us by phone at  323-644-5590 or email us at