Stars in Her Eyes

*Stars in Her Eyes*


Ever since you were a little girl, you have always been fascinated with Hollywood Starlets. Studying the moves and grace of Marilyn Monroe, Betty Davis and Greta Garbo was far more interesting to you than catching fireflies or tracing your hand with a pencil. Even as a teenager you preferred watching black and white films in lieu of attending school dances and football pep rallys. When you told your parents you were moving to Hollywood upon graduation they were anything but surprised.

Your first few months in the city were hardly a glamorous jaunt. Eating grilled cheeses religiously and riding public transportation to auditions nearly killed your spirit, that is, until you got your big break. Now that you have been cast on a regular series, you can finally start furnishing your charming bungalow with the vintage style you have always admired.

Casa Victoria LA has all of your glam needs and then some. Shop with us if you think Hollywood Regency is the cat's pajamas.

Long, Lean, and Low

Connoisseur of Comfort

Casting couch after casting couch has made you a connoisseur of  comfort. Being here in LA has taught you a valuable lesson, don't just park your tush anywhere. 

This sexy white naugahyde mid-century sofa sits low to the ground and is very comfortable. The long and lean stature, dowel legs, and low arms are all kinds of right.


Set of Five Gold Leaf Mushroom Glasses

Make Room

You had to sell all of your belongings in order to afford the one way train ticket to Hollywood. Now that you are over your couch surfing days, it's time to start filling those barren cupboards with stuff.

This set of five mushroom drinking glasses are hard to ignore and will come in handy the next time you invite your acting class over for drinks and charades.


Pair of White Globe Lamps

Being Discovered

Being discovered while waitressing at the local diner is highly unlikely. Discovering a Hollywood Regency home accessory at Casa Victoria, however, is quite likely.

Each of these iridescent white globe lamps has a high quality ornate iron detailing.


Pair of Cheetah Bar Stools

Fierce Hepcat

Because interior decorating is an extension of the self, you should only fill your space with pieces that make you feel like the fiercest hepcat on the block.

This set of four vintage cheetah print corduroy bar stools are both comfortable and durable. Fully unholstered, each bar stool has a solid oak foot rest.


Asymmetrical Lucite Chairs

Cow Magnifique

There is no reason why you can't pay homage to your farming roots while incorporating your present Hollywood chicness.

Each of these asymmetrical lucite chairs has a bovine patterned upholstered seat. Hollywood Regency meets Old MacDonald.