Law of Attraction | Pair of Carved Arm Chairs by Phyllis Morris of Los Angeles

Time spent waiting for Prince Charming is time wasted. The Law of Attraction states that if you remain a positive person, positive things will find their way to you. While we aren't sure if this works for furniture, it's safe to assume that the reason you are reading this right now is because you have been ridiculously positive lately. Good job! Each of these plastered arm chairs by Phyllis Morris of Los Angeles have been beautifully carved and whimsically designed. Phyllis Morris began her design career in 1953, a time when slick, streamlined furniture was the standard. Instead of following trends, Phyllis made her own rules and created pieces with bold Italian carvings and rich layered patinas.

45 1/2 in tall x 25 in deep x 24 in wide


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