No Frills Allowed

A Minimalist's Alternative to Spring Renewal

Spring has sprung and you could care less. You despise anything with frills. The moment a doily, frou-frou pillow or floral curtain makes its way  in to your house is the moment that you will need to be committed. Committed to an institution that is, NOT a lifetime partner.

Any potential mate of yours will share your aversion to clutter and fluff. Until you find that special someone, you will continue to surround yourself with clean lines, muted colors, and practical pieces only.

You liked the Utilitarian Military look before it was trendy. Lucky for you, so did Casa Victoria. Casa Victoria is your "commissary" for all things non-frilly (though they have frills were warned.)


Army BoxArmy Brat

Military Green has been popping up everywhere lately from the red carpet to the checkout line at Von’s. Now you can incorporate earth tones, such as Military Green in to your home decor.

This vintage army box has a rugged look. It opens up to reveal a space for storage. Use the space to store extra linens, board games or magazines. Use the box as a coffee table or side table.


G.I. (Plain) Jane

White Loveseat

Who ever said that being a "Plain Jane" was a bad thing? Seating such as this never goes out of style and it can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood (swings.)

This classic 70s sling back love seat is compact, comfortable, and durable. The base is made of finely crafted oak and the cushions have button detailing. Midcentury furniture such as this would look great in a contemporary room.


Compact Tanker DeskMini Tanker

This particular desk is quite compact. Although small, the user would never feel claustrophobic. A tall male would be quite comfortable putting in many hours behind this desk.

The industrial, utilitarian feel of this tanker desk is both Modern and Classic.

The desk is made of wood and has a laminate top. There are three drawers in total, one for writing utensils, one for miscellaneous papers, and a deeper drawer for files. Perfect size for a slim laptop in an industrial Downtown Loft or for a college student’s studio apartment.


Eagle Desk LampMilitary Minimalist

Pounding away on your typewriter, the sweat gathers on your brow. You flip the switch on your Eagle desk lamp and your work is suddenly illuminated.

Resembling a military helmet, this vintage Eagle desk lamp is made of cast iron. Although this 1930s Art-Deco lamp is older than most,  it still has a modern, industrial look. Would look great in a minimalist style loft.


Angry Boy PrintGive 'Em Hell

If your mom wasn't already afraid of your home because of the "lack of life," wait until she sees this photograph hanging above your mini-tanker desk.

This photograph is of a famous bronze Gustav Vigeland statue entitled  ”Angry Boy.” The statue is located at Vigeland Sculpture Park in Frogner, Oslo. The red matting emphasizes the fiery passion of the baby’s facial expression.


After you are done with your "spring cleaning,"  you can head over to Casa Victoria to start your "spring shopping." Casa Victoria has everything you need to make your space feel like a home.

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