SOLD | Long Way to Go | Picture History of the American Negro Circa 1965

American Negro Mural Check out this awesome picture history of the "American Negro circa 1965." The most poignant thing about this picture is the last photo depicting an average African-American family. The inscription reads:

"In the final scene, we behold a modern Negro-American family- a product of the past and our nation's best hope for the future. The parents seem to be thinking of the future while measuring the past. As they review in their minds the events of American history, many thought and questions race through their minds. Probably the question which recurs most often is, "Will it be possible in our son's lifetime for him to be accepted as a Negro AND as an American?"


While things certainly have improved since then, we still have a long way to go. If only we could travel back in time and reassure these uneasy parents that their son would not only be accepted as an African-American but would also have the opportunity to some day be President.

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