Have Yourself A Merry Metal Xmas

This year, Casa Victoria wants you to have yourself a Merry Metal Xmas. We know that gift- giving can be hard, especially when the crowded shopping malls make you madder than a PETA advocate watching footage of Ozzy's infamous bat eating bonanza. Calm down, take a deep breath and let the extended guitar solo take you back to your happy place filled with emphatic beats and highly amplified distortion.

 Whether you are a head banging machismo, a heavy breathing brute, or a metalhead madame you will definitely appreciate the variety of shiny objects that Casa Victoria has to offer.

All that glitters is sure to fade but all that's metal will just get better with age. This holiday season, metallic is the new mid-century.

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Brass Sculpture

Brute Brass

This brass sculpture is bursting with personality with every inch having been carefully hand crafted.

This mid-century abstract brass flower sculpture sits on a heavy granite base.


Vintage Fire Set

Fire Starter

Whether it's a BBQ in the summer, a bonfire in the fall or a fireplace in the winter, the rich smell of the flickering embers excites you from the core.

This vintage copper plated fireplace tool set includes a shovel, a broom, a pick, and a grabber.


Tin Canister Lamp

Black Cat Fever

While black cats are looked upon in Western civilization as a symbol of bad omens, in Great Britain, black cats are a symbol of good luck.

Which one will you be giving this holiday season, good luck, or bad?


Brass and Copper Sailboat Art

Moshing About

Some people prefer the open road. Instead, you would rather be moshing about on the open sea. When you aren't adjusting your sails, you are planning your next voyage.

This tall ship wall hanging is made of brass and copper. What could be more metal than that?


Set of Six Trumpet Candle Holders


Trust us, you are not tooting her horn nearly enough. Slay-her with this sexy set of brass trumpet candle holders.

Each of the six candle holders varies in length. Treat her to something nice, or else.