Haeger Pottery

Alignment of the Planets

This art work depicts a man and woman sharing a very intimate moment. Legs intertwined, hands outstretched, heads bowed, and bodies bent inward toward one another.

Yin and Yang. Two peas in a pod. In sickness and in health.

This duo is melded to one another for life, by choice, yes, but also by the alignment of the planets and the pattern of the stars. Of course they fight, but when they are done cooling off, they are a force not to be reckoned with.

Haeger Potteries has been around since 1871. Four generations of Haegers have graced this planet with iconic imagery and they are still going strong. All Hager Pottery is produced in the USA. It is America's oldest and largest pottery production company.

15 in wide x 4 in deep x 5 1/2 in tall


Feel free to contact us by phone at  323-644-5590 or email us at casavictoriala@gmail.com.