Declaration of Love | Casa Victoria Owner Stumbles Across an Endearing Love Letter

A soul-mate was something you thought only existed in fairytales. Despite your disastrous dating history, we have proof that you might find your Prince Charming some day. While polishing this beautiful pine dresser a few days ago, Robert (the owner of Casa Victoria) came across a folded up piece of paper tucked behind one of the drawers. Upon opening the piece of paper, Robert was shocked to find a sweet love letter written years ago:


I appreciate so much about you.

Your beauty. Your ability at the piano.

Your determination to grow through expressing the anger, pain and fear.

Your obvious accomplishment at creating a home out of a fixer-upper.

Your joy at nature. Your spirituality. Your inquisitiveness. Your caring.

Your care taking with me. Your willingness to do loving things for me.

Your smile. Your laughter. Your singing. Your voice in talking to me.

The affect on me when you say I love you.

Your love for me. Your love of your children.

Your gentle touch. Your kisses. Your caresses.

Your sharing with me your emotions. Your showing me your vulnerable sides.

Your warmth.

Your presence at my side. At all times, in bed, at meals, in public.

Your willingness to tackle hard work. Your planning a future with me. Your acceptance of me.

Your willingness to be exposed to new things, e.g. hiking and sailing.

Your feeling when reading Anorus Sileasius.

Your honesty with me.

Your views on things that are different from mine that give me a new perspective.

Your openness to the possibilities of life.

Your warmth with people that I see in record on class.

Your concerns for animals. Your awe at the universe.

Your enjoyment of the dock critters. Your enjoyment of beach walks. Your enjoyment of sunrises and sunsets.

Your love of beautiful flowers. Your love of growing things.

Your listening to my feelings. Your listening to my music.

Your maturity. Your childlike responses. Your songs of fairness.

Your body that is perfect in every way as it is yours and there is no aspect of it I don't enjoy.

Your sleepy little girl aspect in the morning. Your snuggly feeling next to me.

I love you for all this and more.


Like this Woodland Dresser, every furniture piece at Casa Victoria has a wonderful story. Though this particular dresser will never a make mid-century furniture collector's head spin, it does make everyone at Casa Victoria feel good to know that everything we carry has an intricately woven history. Every piece was once loved by its previous owner and will certainly be cherished by its future owner.

It isn't every day that we come across such an endearing declaration of love for another. If you or anyone you know has any information regarding Jean and Reed, please reach out to us on Facebook or drop us an email at We would love to return this beautiful letter to its rightful owner. This dresser and matching nightstands were purchased in Ventura County.