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Families That Craft Together, Stay Together

You try to document every important moment in their little lives. You never want to forget the small things. The problem is that you barely have time to make dinner and shlep them to bed.

With this beautiful armoire, you can organize all of your scrapbooking materials in a way that makes it easy to pull out what you need when you finally get a spare moment. It is even large enough to hold the entire household's crafty materials.

This 20s mini-armoire is made of wood and has four original shelves inside the unit. It was originally crafted to hold victrola records but it would also make a great storage place for important papers, crafts, and scrapbooking tools. The armoire has raised detailing on the bowed legs as well as detailing on the two fanning doors.

17 1/2 in wide x 15 in deep x 39 in tall


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