Cheers to More New Years

Was your New Years Celebration a bust? No fear, the Chinese New Year starts on January 23rd. Here is to second chances, new romances, warm embraces, and smiling faces. Learning about the Chinese Zodiac can provide great insight into your relationships with loved ones as well as strengthen those bonds.  Unlike the Western Zodiac, the Chinese Zodiac changes yearly. Each year relates to a certain animal and that animal's attributes.

Not only should you incorporate the Chinese Zodiac into your relationships but also your home decor. Featuring animals of the zodiac in your interior design concepts is essential in maintaining a harmonious balance as 2012 marches on.

2012: The Year of the Dragon

Iguana SculptureWhy this might look like an ordinary iguana to most, ask yourself this question, have you ever seen an ordinary iguana wear a gold plated vest? Since 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, we will call this creature a majestic dragon.

People born under the sign of the dragon are the mightiest of all. Dominant and ambitious, dragons do not stop until they are successful. They prefer to live by their own rules and are unafraid of challenges. Dragons are natural born leaders.

Set this guy on a mantel or desk as a reminder to stand up for what you believe in, regardless of doubters. And if life still isn't making you happy, try slapping on a shiny vest.


The Year of the Horse

Leather Horse Sculpture Not only are people born under this sign cheerful, popular, and quick-witted but they also have a childlike sense of wonder. Natural crowd pleasers, people born under the sign of  the horse are happiest when they are the center of attention.

Though they thrive in crowds, make sure to give those born under this sign plenty of  wide open space to run free. Horses become ill when they are cooped up.

This leather horse sculpture was handcrafted in India. Standing three feet tall, this horse would make a bold statement in a foyer such as, “Neigh-Sayers Stay Away.”


 The Year of the Monkey

See No, Hear No, Speak No Evil MonkiesLike monkeys, people born under this sign are extremely intelligent. They are the inventors, the innovators, and the problem solvers.  Inherently motivated, monkeys love being  challenged.

Although it seems like monkeys are all work and no play, don't let their cute little faces fool you. They work efficiently so they have more time to play practical jokes, people watch, and monkey around. People born under this sign are mischievous by nature.

This particular set of monkeys see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. Put this set of candles on your desk to remind yourself to avoid spreading evil. Surround yourself with people who feel the same.


The Year of the Tiger

Lounging Tiger SculptureThose born under the sign of the tiger  are both competitive and brave. However, they are not motivated by money or power.

Instead, they are protective of their loved ones and are not afraid to pounce if necessary. They never worry about a favorable outcome because they know they will always land on their feet.

This felt tiger sculpture has a sweet face and a curled tail. It is nearly three feet long. Set him on the floor in a reading nook to encourage young ones to get lost in literature.


The Year of the Dog

Dog PaintingLike the furry creatures we allow to sleep at the foot of our beds, those born under the sign of the dog are loyal and affectionate. More than anything, dogs want to ensure that others around them are happy. The same goes for those who are lucky enough to be born under this sign.

Dogs have an impeccable understanding of justice and fairness.

This painting is touching for anyone that has ever experienced the love of a furry creature because it shows the pure dedication of a dog to its owner. The dark chocolate dog is sitting at its master’s feet, protecting his friend and perfecting the art of being ridiculously cute.


The Year of the Pig

Three Little Piggies Wood Sculpture Those born under the year of the pig are giving souls. Their one true pleasure is to help others and have been known to give too freely. Bacon, anyone? They are honest creatures and expect the same in relationships.

Extremely indulgent, the person born under the pig just want himself and those around him to have a good time. Keeping the peace is the pig's forte.

This family of shabby chic wooden pigs have a rustic look to them. The more the paint cracks the more charming this set becomes.



All the animals of the Chinese Zodiac are Feng Shui relevant. Following the rules of Feng Shui opens one up to receive positive energy into his or her life. Who doesn't want that? Going in to the new year, Casa Victoria has many household items and furniture pieces that will surely spark your feel-good energies.


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