A Gentleman (or Woman) Never Arrives Empty Handed

 Sometimes your mother's old adages creep in to your brain out of nowhere. Panicking that you may be slowly turning in to her is not exactly the most constructive way of dealing with this newfound realization. Instead, you should be embracing the wisdom that she has bestowed upon you thus far. If not, your face really might get stuck like that if you keep frowning at the lady at the DMV.

One of your mother's adages that you just can't seem to shake is the one that insists you shouldn't arrive to someone's house empty handed. Hostess gifts (no, not the Twinkie kind) are both thoughtful and necessary. If someone opens their home to you and provides you with tasty noshes and bubbly beverages, the least you can do is offer he or she a small token of appreciation.

Casa Victoria LA has an assortment of host or hostess gifts that are vintage tested, mother approved. Make mama proud this holiday season since after all, Santa's watching you.

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French Crystal Ice Bucket

Crystal Clear

You appreciate the finer things in life; expensive wines, dark chocolate, and rich cheeses.

Since the economy doesn't always allow you to over indulge, this ice bucket would instantly turn a ten dollar bottle into a fancy imported beverage. This French crystal ice bucket would also make one hell of a hostess or host gift.


Wooden Wine Holder Barrel

Barrel of Laughs

One person that is always guaranteed a spot on your invite list is the Barrel of Laughs. Not only does he give everyone a good workout, but you never have to worry about people feeling out of place or uncomfortable.

This 1970s wooden barrel wine holderholds ten bottles of fun.


Glass Starfish Candle Holder

Savor the Good

Instead of bringing a bottle of wine that the hostess will probably never get to sample, get her something that she can savor for years to come.

This glass starfish candle holder has a pink swirl pattern. Place an aromatic candle that smells like fresh apple pie in the center, and be guaranteed future invites to holiday soirees.


What a Betty

What better gift to give the Betty who has everything than a set of vintage koozies.

This set of eight multi-colored Therma-Jac Drink Koozies includes the iron holder.  Made in Fort Payne, Alabama, these drink holders would make a great hostess gift or housewarming present for the Mad Men enthusiast.


Rise and Fall

Two candle holders are so passe. It's all about multiples.

This set of 1960s solid brass candle holders have multiple levels. There are 7 pieces total, each varying in height. They can be arranged in a multitude of ways or split up into groups and separated. Sexy lighting for a bathroom, bedroom, fine dining room, or all of the above.