Who Goes There | Large 1970s Pottery Owl Lamp


"Whooooo goes there?," cooed the wise old owl. "Just me, the smelly raccoon," peeped the not-so-clever mouse. "Don't you fool me," barked the owl, "I can smell a rat from a mile away." Without a pause, the owl swooped down and grabbed the mouse's tail with his strong talons. "I won't eat you tonight, but if you come back to this neck of the woods again, you'll be my lunch." The owl unclenched his grip and the mouse tumbled to the forest floor below, grateful to be alive. This large 1970s pottery owl lamp was custom made and signed by the artist. Light shines through the perforations in lamp base and the owls eyes appear to be glowing. Use this wise old owl as a bedtime story starter.

21 in tall x 16 in wide x 12 in deep


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