White Embossed Jewelry Box

Delicate and light, this jewelry box is so vintage it is modern again. The repetition of the gold emblems evoke comfort and simplicity.

Control Your Force Field

In a world where we are bombarded with stimuli everywhere we turn, we can still manage to find refuge in our homes.  It is the only place where we can willingly control what enters our force field. This simple yet charming jewelry box allows your attention to go to your most treasured trinkets. Each item is not merely a precious jewel fused to a piece of metal. Instead, each one tells a compelling story.

Treat yourself to a jewelry box that doubles as a blank canvas for your trip down memory lane. The jewelry box is lined with red satin, and stamped with the same unique emblem as the top of the box. There is a small shelf that allows for storage of smaller more precious items.

8 in deep x 11 1/2 in wide x 3 1/4 in tall