Which Decade Should Your Vintage Sofa Hail From?

Do you throw peace signs freely and wear prints louder than a gaggle of screaming Beatlemaniacs?

Then you need a SIXTIES sofa, wild thing. I think I love you.

60s sofa

This 1960's gold velvet tuxedo sofa was custom made and still has its original striped velvet upholstery. Clocking in at over ten feet long, this sofa is fit for an opulent queen and her entire consort.


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Would you rather streak on national television than live a day without your microwave and waterbed?

Get yourself a SEVENTIES sofa. Can you dig it? 

70s sofa

This vintage 1970s salmon velvet sofa has delicate buttoned detailing, rolled back and arms, and an embroidered skirt. Matching loveseat is also available.


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Does your day usually start by attempting to solve a rubik's cube while listening to Hall & Oates on repeat? 

If it's not EIGHTIES, you can't go for that. No can do. 

80s sofa

This 1980's compact sofa has a rounded back, buttoned detailing, and a luxurious cream velvet upholstery.


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Are you still rocking "the Rachel", slap bracelets, and dungaree dresses? 

Go NINETIES or go home. It's not right, but it's ok. 

90s sofa

This 1990s modern-style sofa was custom made with high arms and a platform base. The down cushions are upholstered with a lovely Moroccan-style print.


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