We've Got Love For The Eighties

Let's take a moment to reflect upon all the treasures the 80s bestowed upon us. No, we aren't talking about Knight Rider, Frogger and fanny packs. Nor are we talking about "The Clapper", a Rubik's cube or your collection of My Little Ponies. We are, however, referring to the sudden influx of 80s items that have recently popped up in the store. 

If you are reading this email you probably already know we are a mid-century mecca, but did you know we are also chock full of 80s delights? Below you'll find 4 of our favorite 80s items currently in the store. As always, make sure you call us at 323-644-5590 to see if the items are still available. 

Custom Made Lacquered Credenza

lacquered credenza

Though you were a mere babe in the 80s, you feel an unexplainable connection to this wild decade. So much so that  your obsession with shoulder pads, Cyndi Lauper, and Aquanet is starting to worry your loved ones. Who needs them when you have the Alf box set to keep you company (on VHS, of course)? 

This 1980s custom made lacquered credenza has four cabinets. Credenza has a marbleized finish, tapered corners and floats on a rectangular base. 

78 in wide x 32 in tall x 20 in deep


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Custom Club Chairs With Square Legs

custom club chairs with square legs

Every so often when you really need a kick in the pants, you call up your older sister for some words of encouragement. Unlike other "pep talks" your sister has a way of making you feel as fly as Beyonce and as kind as Mother Teresa. For these moments of truth, you need a comfy chair that has got your back as much as your sister does. 

This pair of 1980s custom made club chairs have square legs, a square back, and rounded arms. Each chair is extremely comfortable. 

31 in wide x 34 in deeps 27 in tall 


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Pair of Fully Upholstered Stools

pair of upholstered stools

In grade school, you were the one rocking secondhand Zubaz when everyone else was wearing fresh Perry Ellis. In high school, you were the one driving your dad's old 1988 BMW convertible when everyone else was begging their parents for an Eclipse. Today you are still "going against the grain." Instead of registering at Pottery Barn for your wedding, you told people to donate to your favorite animal sanctuary instead. 

This pair of 1980s fully upholstered low stools have a brass finish foot rest. 

16 in square by 24 in tall


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Brass Torchiere Floor Lamp

Brass Torchere Lamp

Torchiere lamps are perfect for small apartments or rooms without overhead lighting already in place. The shape of the lamp projects light towards the ceiling so the lighting cascades down over the rest of the room. 

This 1980s brass torchiere lamp has a glass shade, a brass ring design and three lighting settings. Touch the lamp anywhere on the base to turn it on or off (or you could just go on using "the clapper" for another three decades.)

67 1/2 in tall x 13 3/4 in wide


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