Get Your Patio Ready For Summer With These Four Vintage Picks

You can't complain about how hot it is on Facebook anymore because your Midwestern family's "witty" responses are leaving you feeling, well, heated; "at least you have the beach," "don't you have VIP access to a pool somewhere Mr. Hollywood?"

Any local Angeleno knows that traveling to the beach from Los Angeles proper is often more effort than it's worth. Not only does it take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to get there with traffic, once you arrive, you'll have to spend another hour or so scouring for free parking. If you finally make it to the sand before giving up altogether, you'll have to find that perfect area that is 1.close enough to the bathrooms, 2. far, far away from anyone under the age of 17, 3. near the water, but not too near-- you don't want to draw attention to your open (glass) container. 

If you are past the age where sneaking in to private pools is acceptable, consider inviting friends over for a porch party instead. Below you'll find four *hot* items that will help you and your friends kick off the Summer of the Patio (and briefly take your minds off of the unyielding heat.) Call the store at 323-644-5590 to see if items below are still available. 

1950 Rattan Sofa With Matching Club Chair

rattan sofa

Who can think at a time like this? Temperatures are tipping the scales and you have nearly run out of clothing articles to take off. What better time to sit on your porch sipping a spiked lemonade in your skivvies than now? Just make sure your porch doesn't face the street or a multi-use courtyard. You don't want to add "public indecency" to your list of summer time problems.

This 1950s rattan sofa comes with a matching club chair and would be great for use either indoors or outdoors. The chair has an elegant design and is both comfortable and durable.

70 in wide x 36 in deep x 30 in tall


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1970s Peacock Chair and Matching Stool

peacock chair

While sitting pretty in this regal peacock chair, you'll have a hard time resisting asking your fellow porch sitters not to fan you with the nearest palm leaf. You can't help yourself. This peacock chair brings out the princess in you. There is no way you are getting up to get your own drink, who do they think you are? A peasant?

This 1970s peacock chair was handcrafted in the Philippines. Chair comes with a matching stool that could be used as an ottoman, a side table, or additional seating. The intricately woven arm design and comfortable cushion make this chair a dream come true. 

chair is 43 in wide by 58 in tall x 20 in deep
stool is 15 in wide x 18 in tall

$595/both pieces

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Mason Jar Chandelier

mason jar chandelier

You are so hipster, you drank everything out of mason jars before it was cool. Because Pinterest made your go-to beverage container hip again, you can now proudly display this carefully crafted mason jar chandelier with pride. Hang it up on your porch and watch all of your friends secretly snap pics for their "Love It" Pinterest board.

This mason jar chandelier was custom made and handcrafted from seven recycled mason jars.

36 in long x 8 in wide


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1980s Giraffe Sculpture by Sergio Bustamante

1980s Giraffe Sculpture

The Los Angeles heatwave only becomes unbearable the minute you start running low on cold longnecks. Luckily with this gifted friend in your vicinity, you'll always have at least one lurking around (badum, dum, tss!)

This 1980s giant giraffe sculpture was handcrafted using paper mache by one of Mexico's most famous artists, Sergio Bustamante. Sculpture was hand painted and signed "Sermel, Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico." Giraffe would liven up any porch or patio.

84 in tall x 44 in wide x 14 in deep


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