Channel Your Spirit Animal With These 4 Home Accessories

Maybe your spirit animal came to you in a recurring dream, after taking a fifteen question quiz on Buzz Feed, or while observing YouTube videos of cute baby animals during your company's annual fiscal report meeting.

If you haven't yet been enlightened, fret not. The best way to determine your spirit animal is to choose an animal whose traits and strengths you admire and then surround yourself with trinkets, baubles and stuffed toys depicting said animal. 

Just keep the animal paraphernalia to a minimum, ok? You don’t want to be known as the “Iguana Mom” at your kid’s PTA meeting. Call us at 323-644-5590 to see if the items below are still available. 

CAT // Independence

vintage cat

This vintage Mexican cat pottery was hand painted.


View on the site here

POLAR BEAR // Patience

polar bear

These vintage marble “polar bear” bookends are sweeter than ice cream.


View on the site here.

FISH // Freedom

fish candelabras

This pair of candelabras were handcrafted in old metal.


View on the site here. 

LION // Courage

vintage clay lion

This vintage clay lion was crafted in Mexico in 1960.


View on the site here.

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