Light After Dark | Large Abstract Signed by Irwin Golden 95

abstract painting.JPG

For the last ten years, you've been going through a bit of a "dark period." Your journals are filled with sad love poems and odes to the after life. After moving to sunny SoCal however, your disposition has suddenly turned upside down. Now it's time to start filling that sunny loft of yours with vibrant paintings and splashes of color. 

Irwin Golden is a Southern California artist from Mission Viejo. Enjoy this large abstract either vertically or horizontally. 

47 in wide x 34 in tall 


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Your Life in Color | Large Abstract Signed by Mel Baker


If your life were a painting, it'd most definitely be an abstract. Some days you feel like your intended vision is finally starting to reveal itself, and other days you feel like a mashed up ball of directionless color. Though you'll never have "it" figured out, rest assured that not one living soul does either. This large abstract is signed by the artist Mel Baker and dated " 1978".

36 in tall x 48 in wide


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