Lighten Up | Conch Shell Basket

conch basket

Life is heavy, so heavy that sometimes it's tough to take some time out to appreciate all the natural beauty around you. Incorporate natural elements into your decor and feel the air become much lighter. 

This decorative conch shell basket would be a great catchall for keys and other easily misplaced items. 

12 in tall x 14 in wide


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Courageous Conch

Aphrodisiacs and Authority

Long before the conch was known for its aphrodisiac capabilities, it was a very important symbol throughout history.

The boys in Lord of the Flies use the shell symbolized civilization and was used as vessel of democratic power.

In Ancient India, it was an emblem of power and authority.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the conch shell is still used to call together religious assemblies.

Incorporate the powerful symbolism of the conch into your home with this unique shell lamp made of glass.

 6 1/2 round x 28 1/2 tall


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