Square Asian Style Drexel Coffee Table


This Drexel table can double as an unconventional dining table or an inviting coffee table. You are looking for pieces that have multiple functions. Your new place is on the small side and you don't have room for a full dining set. You don't want to give up hosting your infamous dinner parties so you decide to do the next best thing, get creative.

What better way to be creative than to host a unique dinner party. Encourage guests to take off their shoes as they enter your sanctuary. Incense burning and sake flowing. Show off your sushi making skills. Use your couch cushions as floor cushions for your guests as they gather around  your multi-purpose coffee table for dinner, lit with waxy candles of varying sizes.

Square table made of solid wood with a murky glass top. Made by Drexel.

42 in wide x 42 in deep x 16 in tall


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