Pimp Your Crib With Far Out 60s/70s Decor

Sometimes it feels like you are a pinball being shuffled from your house to your job, back to your house again. The only thing in between is bumper to bumpertraffic. Is this real life? 

Ping. Ping. Ping.

You resent going home because it just means you'll have to start preparing for the following work day; folding your laundry, preparing your lunch, grooming your beard. 

If you're feeling like your life is spiraling out of control, perhaps it's time to focus your energy on a creative project like redecorating your home. Who knows--revamping your digs might just be the thing that autosaves your life, Pinball Wizard.

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Set of (8) Orange Arm Chairs

Set of (8) Orange Arm Chairs

Each of these (8) 1970s stackable arm chairs was crafted in Canada with a modern steel finish. Chairs are both compact and super comfortable.


View on the site here.

Mid-Century Slat Chandelier

mid-century slat chandelier

This mid-century slat chandelier was custom made with wood and acrylic lining.


View on the site here.

1960s Turquoise Sofa

1960s Turqouise Sofa

This 1960s custom made turquoise sofa has low arms and a rounded back.


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Mid-Century Walnut Coffee Table

This mid-century walnut coffee table has a laminate top and brass trim on legs. Table is the perfect size for a studio apartment.


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