Nature Vs Nurture

Intellectual Fervor

Mother's Day shopping has always been a piece of cake. Your mom always knows to expect another bottle of White Diamonds and a bouquet of peonies. Father's Day, however, continues to make you feel panicky. Calm down, Casa Victoria is here to help.

Unlike most fathers, yours has never picked up a golf club in his life. Nor does he watch any sports or play any gaming devices. His idea of fun is nursing a stiff whiskey drink in his home office and reading scholarly journals on Nature Versus Nuture, whilst Ol' Blue Eyes resonates through his vintage phonograph.

Trust us, your dad has plenty of neckties and fuzzy slippers. Give a Father's Day gift that he can actually appreciate. Since he spends more than a third of his life in the office, why not buy him a gift that celebrates his intellectual fervor?

Sligh DeskYou Sligh Dog, You

This compact traditional wooden writing desk has four drawers and was made in Holland, Michigan by Sligh Furniture Company. The leather top has hand-embossed gold detailing.

Your dad is a quality human being and a compassionate parent. Give him a quality piece of furniture that lets him know how much you continue to admire his mind.


Das Ist Gut Beer Stein Wall Art

Beer is Pop's hobby. He boasts about being the mayor of every gastropub within walking distance of his house on Foursquare. A cold brew a day, keeps the doctor away.

This 1960s beer stein art is hand carved and sits on a linen matting. Since your dad plays as hard as he works, he will surely appreciate this unique wall sculpture.


GlobeWorld Piece

This vintage globe has the Integlobe brand logo on the base. This globe is unique because it has a longitude and latitude feature that adjusts automatically depending on the month and day.

Your father has always cultivated your need for exploration and adventure. From the time you were small, he encouraged you to travel frequently.


Antique Chair

Take a Load Off

This vintage leather desk chair has a beautifully crafted wooden frame, the orignal leather hide and hand tacked detailing.

Though he can no longer throw you over his shoulders when your tiny legs can't move another inch, he would surely try if asked. Don't you think it's your dad's turn to take a load off?


Bear and Bull Bookends

 Grin and Bear It

You'll never tire of hearing your father's hearty laugh. Though he has been through many hardships in his life, his father's laugh lines get deeper and deeper.

This set of bookends will make your father smile wider than when he tells a silly "dad joke." A bull and a bear walk into a bar...



For Father's Day this year, let your Dad know what a great influence he has been in your life. Regardless of where your father's interests lie, Casa Victoria LA is sure to have a special gift for your special dad.  Make sure to stop in frequently, because our items are always changing.

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